The glorious history of the School of Electronic Science and Engineering can be traced back to half a century ago when Southeast University first established the discipline in 1961. During the half century-long growth, generations of SESEers has adhered to the motto of “being rigorous, assiduous and striving for perfection”, and the school has cultivated dozens of outstanding talents, gained fruitful academic achievements and were highly praised by enterprises and the society. “Electronic Science and Technology”, a national first-level key discipline which ranked second in National Discipline Assessment of the CDGDC of Ministry of Education in 2012. Here, I sincerely appreciate the care and support from leaders at all levels, hard work of the faculty members, insights and selfless dedication of the alumni.

Talents cultivation is the essence of Southeast University. On the basis of traditional teaching, School of Electronic Science and Engineering actively incorporates the latest scientific and research achievements to let the students comprehend latest achievements in time. But the most important lies in inspiring the students to think, probing into and solving problems. Only endless innovation can produce new knowledge. The school not only pays attention to innovating in the original discipline, but also aims to enhancing interdisciplinary collaborations such as interdisciplinary between electronic device and material science, optical and medical disciplines and so on. Through interdisciplinary, the school springs up a number of innovative achievements and innovative talents. School of Electronic Science and Engineering attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' innovative ability, and provides the extensive innovation platform for the students, which can be proved by the brilliant achievements students got in the student extra-curricular research project (Students Research Training Program), the national Electronic Design Contest and the National Challenge Cup Competition.

Achievements can only represent the past, challenges and competitions characterize the future. We are not afraid of competition, for competition means opportunity and greater success. Dear our faculty members, students and friends, let us join hands together, marching forward courageously, to create a better tomorrow!

                                                                                                                Shi Longxing
                            Dean of School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Southeast University