Xu Liu


Basic Information
Xu Liu
Tel:+86-25-83792469 ext. 8309
 Office   Address:Rm 309, Jinling Yuan, #2 Si Pai Lou, Nanjing, P. R. China
Research Interest
Concentrating on but not limited to the Coupling and Packaging issues of III-V and Silicon based Optoelectronic Integration and academic aptitude for Integrated Optics. R&D and instrumentation on optoelectronic chips, sub-assembly, assembly and modules.
Recent Research Project:
1. Research on key technologies for coupling and testing of micro- and nano-scale photonic integrated chips,       2011-2014
2. Research on wavelength- routing /power-splitting PLC chips, 2013-2015
3. R&D and industrialization of PLC splitters, 2011-2015
4. Research on key technologies for High-speed and broadband TOSA, 2012-2015
Biographical Information
I am currently a researcher in National Research Center for Optical Sensing, Communications and Integrated Networking, and also an Associate Professor in Department of Electronics Engineering at Southeast University, China, majoring in photonics and optical communications, concentrating on but not limited to the areas of integrated optoelectronic packaging, optical instrumentation, and image processing. I have participated and am taking part in several S&T projects, such as National 863 program, National Natural Science Foundation, the Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education of China, Jiangsu Hi-Tech Project, Jiangsu Frontier R&D Project and Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation and so on and have co-fulfilled three accomplishments of Ministry of Education in China. I have published several high-quality research papers on top international professional journals and co-applied several Chinese patents. In Dec. 2013, I was awarded the First Prize of Science and Technology in Jiangsu Province as the fourth recipient.
Selected Publications
1. Xu Liu, Hongmei Hu and Xiaohan Sun. Single lens photometric machine vision with 3D imaging for fiber-to-chip coupling. AIP Review of Scientific Instruments, 2012, 83(3): 035105. (SCI/EI indexed)
2. Xu Liu and Xiaohan Sun. Quasi-axial GRIN lens implemented in wedge-shaped fiber coupling with InP-based PLC. IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 2012, 2(9):1420-1425.  (SCI/EI indexed)
3. Liu Xu, Chen Lin, Sun Xiao-Han. Equivalent rectangle approximation-staircase concatenation method for wedge shaped fiber. Acta Phys. Sin., 2008, 57(10): 6430-6436. (SCI/EI indexed)
4. Liu Xu, Xiao Jinbiao, Sun Xiaohan. Alignment and coupling between planar lightwave circuit chip and wedge-shaped fiber. Acta Opt. Sin., 2007, 27(4): 680-684. (EI indexed)
5. Liu Xu, Chen Lin, Cai Chun, Xiao Jinbiao, Zhang Mingde, Sun Xiaohan. Investigation on focusing performance of tapered and lensed fiber. Acta Opt. Sin., 2006, 26(8): 1182-1186. (EI indexed)
6. Xu Liu, Hongmei Hu, Weifeng Jiang and Xiaohan Sun. Object-oriented modified photometric stereo algorithm for 3D imaging in fiber-to-chip coupling. The 9th International Conference on Group IV Photonics (GFP'12), ThP6, 2012.   (EI/ISTP  indexed)
7. Xu Liu, Lin Chen, Xiaohan Sun. An equivalent rectangle approximation based staircase concatenation method for wedge shaped fiber. Tech. Dig. Opt. Fiber Commun. Conf. (OFC'08), JThA6, 2008. (EI/ISTP  indexed)
8. Xu Liu, Shuting Qu, Jinbiao Xiao and Xiaohan Sun. High efficient coupling between wedged-shaped fiber and planar lightwave circuit chip using gradient refractive-index media. Proceedings of SPIE, Vol.6389, 638910, 2006. (EI/ISTP  indexed)
9. Liu, Xu. One method to uniformize LD Gaussian beam. Proceedings of SPIE, Vol.4602, 142-148, 2001.   (EI/ISTP indexed)
10. Xu Liu and Xiaohan Sun. A semi-cylindrical axial gradient refractive-index lens in wedge-shaped fiber coupling with InP-based PLC. Frontiers in Optics (FiO'08), OSA 92nd Annual Meeting and APS/DLS 24th Annual Meeting, JWA63, 2008.