The 6th Conference on Advances in Optoelectronics and Micro/nano-optics (AOM 2017) was successfully held
Time:2017-05-11   Visits:13

The 6th Conference on Advances in Optoelectronics and Micro/nano-optics (AOM 2017) was successfully held during April 23-26, 2017, at Nanjing Grand Hotel. More than three hundred international and domestic delegates from all over the world have participated in this marvelous academic event.

The AOM 2017 is sponsored by the Optical Society of America, Southeast University, the Jiangsu Optical Society and co-organized by Advanced Photonics Center, School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Southeast University and Southeast University Student Chapter of OSA. The conference co-chairs are Prof. Yiping Cui from Southeast University, China, Prof. Michael Fiddy from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA, Prof. Xiaocong Yuan from Shenzhen University, China and Prof. Shining Zhu from Nanjing University, China. The conference opened on April 24, 2017 and Prof. Zhuyuan Wang from Southeast University, China hosted the opening ceremony.

In the AOM 2017, we are honored to have four distinguished scientists as the plenary speakers. They are Prof. Xiang Zhang from  University of California, Berkeley, USA, Prof. Satoshi Kawata from Osaka University, Japan, Prof. Gerd Leuchs from Max-Planck-Institut für die Physik des Lichts, Germany and Prof. Federico Capasso from Harvard University, USA. In addition, AOM 2017 also presented nine sessions, that is, Session 1: Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, Session 2: Micro/nano Optics, Nanophotonics, Session 3: Plasmonics and Meta-materials, Session 4: Optical Information Processing, Session 5: Nano-biophotonics and Life Sciences, Session 6: Laser spectroscopy and Microscopy, Session 7: Micro/nano Manufacturing and Metrology, Session 8: Fiber-based Micro/nano-optics and Technologies, Session 9: Optical Super Resolution Microscopy.

The AOM conference has become one of the most important conferences in the area of optoelectronics and micro/nano-optics in the Asia-Pacific region, which has been held in China during the past eight years (Tianjin in 2009, Guangzhou in 2010, Hong Kong in 2013, Xi’an in 2014 and Hangzhou in 2015). AOM 2017, like previous conferences, aimed at addressing the most advances in the fields of micro/nano-optics and optoelectronics, especially new ideas and concepts in modeling, fabrication and testing of photonic materials, structures, devices and systems, and their applications.

The AOM 2017 turned out to be a high-caliber and large-scale international conference which provides all delegates with excellent opportunities for academic exchanges.